30 Januari 2011

ACTION FILM 2011 TITLE : THREE IN ONE HARD TARGET Starring Van Damme Bruce Willis and Sylvester STTALON

Setting Film:
In one of the profiled states of the United States order of society, the bureaucracy and the law has been very chaotic. Murders and shootout already commonplace every day. Firearms of all kinds, gambling and illicit drugs than cannabis, ecstasy, opium is easily available and circulated everywhere, who use all levels of society.
Then how about the government? Governor, the Police and Justice works to be ineffective from the lower-level officials to the upper level, all justice and law can be purchased with money.

The situation is already desperate situation in the society grew increasingly chaotic with dozens of terror bombs in strategic places such as malls, restaurants and gas stations, before the gubernatorial election that will last another month.

Candidates for governor who is played by actor Van Damme as a competitor to the governor who has long served as if a bomb for the corrupt government, Van Damme always have the threat of terror and murder, if he survived and eventually he became governor?
Then why Bruce Willis (Los Angeles police) and Sylvester STTALON (specialist bomb) was in the city?
Who is the mastermind of all the circulation of firearms and drug trafficking drug in the state? And how Firearms and drugs can get into the city. Which countries are involved?

Come follow the story of the film through a series of stories below, which will be made continuously ..

Page 1

During the day Bruce Willis arrive at the airport of Las Vegas, his friend who had been informed of his arrival at the airport to pick up the air. His name was Smith, worked as a driver at the bureau and the transportation of goods delivery service (DHL).
Smith's stocky body, strong and fat. Her body is perfect with her work as a truck driver who charged big. Smith worked at DHL already tens of years. He is very excited about the visit of his friend who was coming and it will stay settled temporarily in his home.
"Hallo Willi, had long been waiting for ..! how flight.? 'Said Smith when he met Bruce Willis at the airport. Bruce Willis just smile and warm embrace Smith's body because it had not been met. Bruce Willis was very surprised and laughing, when the car used to pick him up was a large trailer truck. Smith express on Bruce Willis, that he used the truck trailer because today smith worked to deliver the shipment company. By coincidence warehouse close to airports so that all pick up Bruce Willis. At the office delivery services and transportation of goods Bruce Willis became the concern of all employees. Especially the security guards. Because Bruce Willis does not employ, he was not allowed to enter. Bruce Willis is aware of it. After the truck trailer was filled full of goods, travel continue ..



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